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My journey weaves through the realms of creativity and innovation in media, education and videography, a path I've dedicated to enriching the minds of secondary students. I specialized in BTEC animations, instilling in young minds the power and artistry of bringing stories to life through animation.

Beyond the confines of the classroom, my entrepreneurial spirit flourished in self-employment, where I crafted bespoke 3D characters. These creations were more than digital art; they were customized for diverse clients in both private and educational sectors, marking my reputation in the industry.

A profound influence in my life was my mother, Bobbie Adams, a talented author whose stories and poems captivated many. Her work, like 'Love on the Dole', painted vivid imagery in the reader's mind. During my teenage years, I collaborated with her, illustrating her tales with characters such as ‘Porky the porcupine’ and ‘Pebble people’, and ‘My dad is’… This collaboration was a bond of shared artistic passion.

The loss of my mother was a deep sorrow, leaving an irreplaceable emptiness. Yet, driven to keep her imaginative spirit alive, I embarked on my own writing journey. Inspired by my dreams, akin to one of my author heroes, Steven King, I transformed these visions into scripts. Now, with a trove of dream-based tales, I'm crafting a PG-rated narrative series, continuing the legacy of storytelling that my mother and I shared.

This transition from scriptwriting to narrative was more than a career shift; it was a tribute to my mother and the many wonderful personalities I have had the pleasure of meeting. Each character, each story, was infused with all my memories and teachings. These stories, rooted in dreams, were also intertwined with my experiences in media and animation.

This blend of my technical skills in 3D character creation and my narrative voice created a unique storytelling style. My readers could not only visualize but feel the characters, as if watching one of my animations.

Juggling roles as an illness retired media teacher, a self-employed videographer, and now an emerging author, I also cherished being a mother and wife. My family, including my husband Carl, a music teacher, and my dear best friend Kim, witnessed and learned from my journey. My children, my first readers and critics, were also my greatest supporters.

The dream that sparked my writing was more than a mere night vision; it was a reflection of the enduring power of memories and legacies. It signified endless possibilities for those who dare to dream. With each chapter, I not only honour my memories but also establish my own legacy, one that I hope will inspire future generations.

 Isabel Eden - Author



Celestials Unveiled
Book #1 from the series: Realms

"Realms” ‘Celestials Unveiled’

'High Gothic Fantasy'

At the heart of the story is David, a timid year seven student whose world is forever changed when he befriends Miss Rachel Harvey, a new Media and English teacher with a keen interest in the occult. Together with Miss Miller, the History teacher, and Mr. Ackley, the Head of Year 7, they form an...

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